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Running your business over the holiday period

Whether you are closing your business for the holidays or preparing for your busiest time of year, here are some tips to help keep your business running over the holiday season.

1. Do you have a number of employees taking leave over the holiday season?

Think about who can approve payments in your business to cover anyone who may be away during this time or create new users.

Approve payments in your business (PDF 195KB)
Create new users (PDF 154KB)

2. Have you got extra staff working in your business over the busy holiday season?

Westpac Live allows you to set the days and dates users can access your online banking, giving you complete control.

Set the days and dates (PDF 770KB)

3. Did you know that you can future date payments in Westpac Live so they are processed on their due date?

Future dating payments is handy if your business is closed and you are not looking at your banking over this time. Simply set and forget your payments. Westpac Live will do the rest.

Future date payments (PDF 314KB)

4. Does your business make larger payments at this time of year?

Westpac Live gives you the flexibility to adjust your payment limits as your business requires.

Adjust your payment limits (PDF 134KB)

5. Have you downloaded our mobile banking app? 

Manage your banking on the go and away from the office on your mobile or tablet.

6. Going overseas during the holiday season?

Notify Westpac about your travel plans to avoid having transactions declined.

Notify Westpac about your travel plans (PDF 165KB)

7. If you have misplaced your personal credit or Mastercard® debit card, you can lock this temporarily for up to 15 days with Westpac Live.

Lock your card temporarily (PDF 201KB)

8. Need to report your card lost or stolen?

Learn how to stop all transactions on your account.

Reporting a lost or stolen card (PDF 146KB)

9. Manage your credit card repayments over the holiday season

 Setting up Card Autopay.