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What are my payment limits in Westpac Live

Manage your business and user daily limits for Westpac Live.

Users can be assigned a daily payment limit up to the value of the Business daily limit, but not more.


Westpac Live offers two customisable payment limits for added security.

  • Business Daily Limit – The maximum payment amount your business can make from Westpac Live on any day.
  • Daily Payment Limit – The maximum amount a User can transact on any day.

An example of how this may work:

The Business Daily Limit may be $450,000 but the Daily Payment Limit for each User could be:

  • User 1 - $450,000
  • User 2 - $200,000
  • User 3 - $50,000


Payment methods which are covered by the Business Daily Limit and Daily Payment Limits include:

  • Pay Anyone payments
  • Same day (RTGS) payments
  • International payments
  • Bank Cheque requests
  • Restricted BPAY biller payments (BPAY billers to whom funds are released immediately)


Cleared funds must be available at least one day before the scheduled payment is due. A scheduled payment may be rejected if:

  • There is an insufficient available balance in the account
  • The payment exceeds the daily limit for the payment method
  • An invalid account is selected.

Our Westpac Protect™ Adaptive Authentication technology is a comprehensive real-time authentication and fraud detection platform which monitors your banking behaviour.


In addition, we protect you with our Security Guarantee and will repay any funds that are missing as a result of online fraud, providing you comply with our Online Banking Terms & Conditions. This includes keeping your access codes and passwords private and not sharing logins.

For added peace of mind, Users banking on behalf of your business will need a Westpac Protect™ SMS Code or a SecurID® token to:

  • Access a higher Daily Payment Limit above $5,000 (see table below)
  • Approve same day (RTGS) payments
  • Access certain areas in Westpac Live, such as User Administration  

Activating your security device:

You can activate and see the security device assigned to yourself in the Security section on your Preferences screen, accessed from the Services & preferences menu.

To assign a security device for a User:

  1. Navigate to Administration then click User Administration
  2. Click on drop down menu next to User and either select Assign Token or Register SMS Code.


ASsign totken

To switch security devices

  1. Navigate to Administration then click Security Devices from the menu
  2. Locate the device or User in the table you would like to amend and click the drop down menu along that row to see the options.
Security devices


There are two different statuses for security devices:

  • Active - User has completed activation and is using device
  • Linked - Administrator has linked the device and User but the User hasn’t completed activation – User must complete activation


The following table shows the limits that apply to Users assigned a security device. In all instances the amount individual Users spend, can’t exceed the Business Daily Limit.


Security device Limits applied to User
No device registered An individual User can have a Daily Payment Limit up to the value of $5,000 and not require a security device to make payments.
Westpac Protect™ SMS Code An individual User can have a Daily Payment Limit up to the value of $200,000. Each time a payment is made to a new payee, the User will be asked for an SMS code.
SecurID® token An individual User can have a Daily Payment Limit up to the value of $100,000,000. Each time a payment is made to a new payee, the User will be asked for a token code.

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Things you should know

BPAY® is a registered trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

SecurID® is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation. Read the Terms and Conditions at before making a decision and consider whether the product is appropriate for you. Transaction fees may apply. Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 233714.