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How to make an International Payment to a new payee

Make an International payment through Westpac Live online banking.

You can make an International Payment using Online Banking if you are registered for a Westpac Security device.

An Administrator needs to enable the international payments feature on each business profile. You will also need activate the international payments feature at an account and user level.


Tip - Limits

  • The maximum limit per transaction is $2,000,000 AUD
  • Your individual/organisation's daily limit applies
  • An Administrator can limit the amount of money that can be transferred by your staff.

Step by step guide

Select the International tab and then Pay new payee.


Choose the payee's country.


In the Bank details section you'll be asked to enter either the IBAN (International bank account number), ABA routing, Bank and branch, IFSC or SWIFT/BIC based on the country selected. Select Look up. If you don't have the information required check with your payee. In some cases you can proceed with a SWIFT/BIC code.


In the Payee details section enter the:

  • Account name
  • Account number
  • Payee address (payee address is optional, however it is recommended you provide this information if known).


In the Payment details section enter:

  • A payee nickname
  • Payment description.


Enter a Reason for this payment and Description for the payment (optional).

Note: The following countries: Sri Lanka, India, China, Malaysia, Nepal and South Africa will now require a Reason for this payment and Description.


Select Confirm


You'll be returned to the Make a payment screen.  The payee details you have just entered will be selected. To continue with your international Payment, select the From account.


Select the appropriate currency

Enter the amount.


Note: Always check the payee details before making the payment to avoid the risk of mistaken internet payment.


Enter the date for the payment and the payment frequency.


Note: if the payment is future dated, you will need to confirm the exchange rate on the payment date.

Select  Continue


Review the payment details and select Continue.


Enter the SMS code or token code and select Authorise.


If the International Payment is dated for today, then Accept rate and submit payment screen displays. Select Confirm.

If the International Payment is scheduled for a future date, the Future dated payments screen displays. Ensure you read and understand the rate information and select Confirm.


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