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How to make an international payment to a new payee

You can set up an international transfer to a new recipient in Westpac Online Banking.

Who can manage international payments?

As an Administrator you must enable the international payments feature of your business profile, then choose which of your Users can access the feature.

What do I need before I start?

  • Have your registered mobile (for SMS Code) or RSA SecurID® token to hand  
  • Dependent on the country you are paying the funds to, you'll be asked to enter either an IBAN (International bank account number), ABA routing, bank and branch details, IFSC or SWIFT/BIC – so make sure you have the relevant details, or ask the payee.

How do I enable international payments once signed in?

  1. Hover over Administration and select Features and approvals
  2. Under Payments tick the box for Create International payment
  3. Choose how many Approvers you want and select Save.


Then to enable the feature for individual Users (if required):

  1. Hover over Administration and select User administration
  2. Select the Name of a User to view the accounts they have access to
  3. Select the 00 features link of the required account  
  4. Tick the boxes for Create payments and Create international payment
  5. Select Update.


Need to update User access to your accounts first? Find our guide here.

How do I make an international payment to a new payee?

  1. Select Payments then Make a payment (or use the button)
  2. Select International then Pay new payee
  3. Choose a Country and provide the bank details requested, then Validate the details. Some countries require you to provide a Reason for this payment.
  4. Complete the Payee details and Payment details, then select Confirm
  5. Back on the Make a payment page, check the payee details
  6. Enter From account and Payment details, confirming the currency and selecting a payment date – then select Continue. If the payment is future dated, you will need to confirm ‘now’ that you accept the exchange rate that applies on the payment date.
  7. Check all the details and select Confirm
  8. Enter the SMS Code or RSA SecurID® token code and Authorise the payment.