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Business Servicing Requests

Manage Business Servicing Requests online 

Now Users in your business network can raise specific service requests for tasks which previously required contacting a banker or visiting a branch, saving you time.

Currently enabled Business Servicing Requests

  • Cancelling a Business Debit Mastercard
  • Notifying a merchant or supplier directly debiting your account to cancel the direct debit arrangement
  • Locking or unlocking Business Debit Mastercards on behalf of cardholders in your business

Who can raise these requests?

  • Users who have access to view and create payments (value access) to the account
  • Users who have permissions turned on to manage Business Servicing Requests (manage via User Administration > Select User > under Service Requests heading)

Who can approve requests?

An Approver with Business Servicing Request access and value access to the account may carry out the following tasks in relation to Business Servicing Requests:

  • approve a Business Servicing Request created by another member;
  • simultaneously create and approve a Business Servicing Request 


The number of approvers required to approve a Business Servicing Request will be determined by the account’s method of operation (e.g.: 2 to sign) or by the number of approvers defined by the Administrator, whichever is greater*.  

*This excludes a request to temporarily lock or unlock a Business Debit Mastercard, which requires no approval.


Note: Where a joint account changes the method of operation to “All to Sign”, no Users will be able to raise service requests on this account, including a Senior Approver. 

Where can I access a Business Servicing Request

  • Desktop > via Service menu > Services > Click Other account services or Other card services
  • Mobile app > use search to locate the specific request you are looking for  

What if I don’t want Users to have access to raise Business Servicing Requests?

A Business Network Administrator can manage Business Servicing Request access for individual Users via User Administration, as well as for the network via Administration > Features and Approvals.