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Set up multiple payments for your recurring or batch payments, such as payroll.

What type of multiple payments can I set up?

A batch, recurring or multiple payment can be created for funds transfer, Pay Anyone, BPAY®, direct entry services, or a combination of Pay Anyone and funds transfer.

How do I set up a multiple payment?

Check which app you have:

Use the Westpac App to make multiple payments to anyone with a BSB and account number. For multiple payments to BPAY billers, you’ll need to sign into Online Banking from a desktop.

New Westpac App

  1. Tap the $ icon, select More and tap Pay multiple
  2. Select the first payee in To 
  3. Select the account you want to pay From
  4. Tap Add another payee to add other payees
  5. Enter the Amount, When and How often
  6. Tap Next then Confirm

Classic Westpac App

  1. Tap Pay
  2. Enter the From account and select the first payee in To
  3. Tap Add another payee to add other payees
  4. Enter the Amount, When and How often
  5. Tap Next then Confirm

When will my payment be active?

If your business network has one Approver, your payment will be active immediately. For multiple Approvers, the payment will be processed once all approvals are given.

  1. Sign into Online Banking from a desktop
  2. Select Approval (near the Sign Out button)
  3. Select Payments and approve any pending payments