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How to make multiple payments

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Step 1

Navigate to Payments and select Multiple Payments.

Step 2

Select the Payment method.

  • For Pay anyone/FundsTransfer, refer to step 2a;
  • For Funds Transfer refer to step 2b;
  • For BPAY refer to step 2c;
  • For Direct Entry refer to step 2d.


2a.    Pay Anyone/Funds Transfer – Select the From account, description (optional) and Payer name. Then select Continue

2b.    Funds Transfer - Select the From Account and enter a Description (optional). Then select Continue

2c.    BPAY - Select the From Account and enter a Description (optional). Then select Continue

2d.    Direct Entry – Select the Direct entry service ID, enter a Remitter name and select a transaction code. You may also have the option to enter a Description (optional). Then select Continue.

Step 3

In the Payments section, enter existing payee or select add multiple (to select multiple payees at once). Then add payee description (optional) and amount (optional). Select payment date and then select Continue.

Step 4

Review payment details and Payments, then select Confirm.

Step 5

To authorise the payment, enter SMS or token code and then select Authorise.



  • Your payment may need to be approved by an authorised user.
  • Multiple payments can be made for Pay anyone, funds transfer, BPAY, direct entry and a combination of Pay Anyone and funds transfer
  • You can change the Payer Name by clicking on the box and editing the text – the name needs to be less than 16 characters
  • After step 3 your payment will be saved to the Saved Payments list located in - Payments > Payments List
  • Direct entry fees apply for direct entry payments.