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Set up multiple payments for your recurring or batch payments, such as payroll.

What type of multiple payments can I set up?

A batch, recurring or multiple payment can be created for funds transfer, Pay Anyone, BPAY®, direct entry services, or a combination of Pay Anyone and funds transfer.

How do I set up a multiple payment?

1. Sign in to Online Banking from a desktop

2. Hover over Payments and select Multiple payments

3. Select the Payment method

  • For Pay Anyone, Funds Transfer or BPAY:

a. Select the From account, Description (optional) and Payer name

b. Select Continue.

Note: You can change the Payer name by clicking on the box and editing the text (maximum 16 characters).

  • For Direct entry:

a. Select the Direct entry service ID, then enter a Remitter name, Description (optional) and a transaction code

b. Select Continue.

Note: Direct entry fees apply.

4. Select Add multiple. You can also select Create a new payee to add a new payee

5. Enter the payment Description (optional), Amount (optional) and Payment date, then select Continue

6. Review your payment details, then select Confirm.


To find your payment, go to the Payments tab, then select Payments List. Your payment will be saved under Saved Payments.

When will my payment be active?

If your business network only requires one Administrator to perform payment tasks, your multiple payment will be active immediately. If your business network is set up to for more than one approval, your Approvers will need to:

  1. Sign in to Online Banking from a desktop
  2. Click on the Approval button near the Sign out button
  3. Select the Payments tab and approve any pending payments.