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How to give users access to manage Term Deposits online

Allow a user to rollover your term deposit on your behalf.

Business Network Administrators can update their Westpac Online Banking settings to grant themselves and other users in their network access to manage Term Deposits online.

How to switch on the feature for each User:

In Online Banking

  1. Go to Administration > User Administration
  2. Select Accounts in the top left-hand corner
  3. Check that the Access level for your Term Deposit account is set to Value1
  4. Select the User you wish to assign the Term Deposit account to by selecting their Name
  5. Select the Term Deposit account
  6. Select the features link
  7. Ensure Create payments and Manage Term Deposit Maturity Instructions boxes are ticked
  8. Select Save at the bottom of the Edit User Access screen

The User will now be able to see 'Manage Term Deposits' under the Maturity instructions of that Term Deposit. For more information, find out how to manage Term Deposits online.

Things you should know

1. For Online Banking profiles with Third Party access to Term Deposit accounts, you'll need to have Value access to manage Term Deposits online. To do this you will need to complete the Third Party access form by selecting Add a third party Westpac account in the top right-hand corner.