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Online Banking for Business Forms

Download the forms you need to help manage your Online Banking for Business.

Print and sign your completed form and give it to your relationship manager or take it to your nearest Westpac branch.

What do you need to do? What form do you need?

Apply for Online Banking (Companies only)

Register for online business banking for your company or Business Network. 


Note: If you are a sole trader or partnership, you can register online

Online Banking Application form (PDF 617KB)

Access a third-party account

Give a third-party profile access to your accounts in Online Banking. 


Note: It does not include access via a branch, ATM or phone banking.

Third Party Access Authority form (PDF 103KB)

Add or remove Administrator access

Add or remove Administrator access for an existing User in your Business Network. An Administrator is able to manage the Business Network through Online Banking, including Users and their access.

Administrator form (PDF 47KB)

Authority to open accounts

Give an Administrator or User the authority to open new accounts on behalf of the business. You can also use this form to remove their access.

Account Origination Authority form (PDF 75KB)

Access or share a joint account

Allows joint account owners to share access to their joint account with a third party in their personal or Business Network.


Note: This is for Online Banking only. It does not include access via a branch, ATM or phone banking.

Joint Account On-Share Authority form (PDF 67KB)

Add or remove a Senior Approver 

Allow an existing User in your Business Network to be a Senior Approver. A Senior Approver has the authority to approve certain payments in Online Banking.

Senior Approver form (PDF 45KB)

Data share authority for Open Banking

Allows you to opt in or out of the Open Banking feature, which enables an existing Administrator to nominate Users to share your data with an authorised third-party. 

Open Banking Data Sharing Authority form (PDF 74KB)

Cancel your Online Banking

Cancel your online banking access for your Business Network. 

Cancel Network - Online Banking for business (PDF 322KB)