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Westpac Verify

Westpac Verify is the newest addition to our Fraud and Scam detection network that we use to help keep you safe when banking online.

  •  Westpac Verify will alert customers if there is a potential account name mis-match for some payments to a new BSB and account number via the New Payments Platform. The alert will also apply when a customer transfers money to an account Westpac has never transacted with before. In these instances, we will put the payment on hold for 4 hours and send you an SMS to your notified mobile number held by us, prompting you to review the payment details.
  • If you receive the SMS from us, please confirm the BSB and account number by contacting your payee on a trusted phone number, and consider the risk of scams such as a payment redirection scam (or ‘business email compromise scam’) or investment scams. A payment redirection scam is when a customer receives a legitimate-looking email requesting payment to new or updated account details. 
  • To keep your money safe, we will hold the payment for 4 hours, giving you time to verify the payment details are correct. If we don’t hear from you, the transaction will proceed after 4 hours.
  • Westpac Verify may be affected by service outages and system limitations from time to time (e.g., telecommunication outages), which may impact Westpac’s delivery of SMS alerts and/or ability to hold payments for 4 hours. This may occur without notice to you.
Real Time Checks

Our technology constantly learns from your transaction activity and normal banking behaviour. Getting to know your digital identity allows us to instantly alert on suspicious activity.

Safer Shopping

Enhanced card security when shopping online, with our accredited Westpac Added Online Security. Find out more.

Digital Card Security

It’s a digital version of your card available 24/7 in the Westpac App. The 3-digit CVC security number changes daily to ensure your details are kept safe. Find out more.

24/7 Watch

We work around-the-clock to find, detect and take down scam websites (and other security threats) that target our customers.

Protecting You Every Day

Fraud, Scams and Identity Theft are an everyday risk, but we’re here to help. We use technology around-the-clock to constantly monitor transactions and identify risks, so you can feel confident your accounts are secure.

Our security features

Sign up for Westpac Protect™ Security Code for added security when banking online. Security Code sends a one-time password to your registered mobile to authorise certain transactions and features, giving you greater peace of mind when banking online. Find out more.


Want to know more?

Learn more about Westpac’s security devices.

Find more information on card protection.

Qualifying for Westpac’s security guarantees

Your Online Banking and Credit Card transactions have unique security guarantees, helping to protect you from fraud. Fraud is when someone gains access to your accounts or details for the purpose of making illegal transactions.

Online Banking Security Guarantee1
  • Have not shared your sign in details or security codes
  • Have not voluntarily participated in the transaction
  • Immediately informed us of any unauthorised activity
Fraud Money Back Guarantee
  • Unauthorised transaction made without your knowledge
  • Reported promptly within your billing cycle
  • Have not voluntarily agreed to the transaction

Supporting your recovery

Scams happen

Scams are when you are tricked into sending money or information to someone who you think is offering a genuine product. 40% of Australians have reported being scammed at least once. Reporting a scam quickly gives us the best chance of disputing the transaction. This also allows us to update our staff and customers so that we can minimise the chance the scammer can deceive others.

Report a scam

  • Report suspicious activity now to 132 032 (or +61 2 9155 7700 if overseas).
  • Report suspicious emails or scam details to
  • Report suspicious SMS messages by forwarding the hoax SMS message to 0497 132 032 and then delete the message.
  • If you clicked on a link provided in hoax email or SMS, it's possible your security could've been compromised. In that case, contact us immediately on 132 032.

What's your scam safety score?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge

Answer simple multiple choice questions to learn about different types of scams. It’s a classic format, and these straight-forward questions have been designed to both teach and test you.


Protect yourself and your business

Complete our security checklists to lower the chance of you or your business becoming a target.

Security Wellbeing Check

To help keep you up to date with the latest security features, we’ve introduced the Security Wellbeing Check in the Westpac App.

Report a scam

If you receive any suspicious calls, emails or SMS messages, or notice unusual activity on your account, it’s important that you let us know.

Things you should know

Westpac’s Online Banking Security Guarantee - If your Westpac account is compromised as a result of Internet fraud, we guarantee to repay any missing funds, providing you comply with our Online Banking Terms and Conditions. This includes keeping your sign-in details (including passwords, Westpac Protect™ SMS codes and SecurID® Token codes) private. You must inform us immediately if you suspect the security of your access details has been compromised, or you suspect an unauthorised transaction or potential fraud on your accounts.

Westpac Fraud Money Back Guarantee - Our Westpac Fraud Money Back Guarantee ensures that you will be reimbursed for any unauthorised card transactions provided that you have not contributed to the loss and contacted Westpac promptly. Refer to your card’s conditions of use for full details, including when you will be liable.

 1. Our Online Banking Security Guarantee is not applicable to Corporate Online Banking.