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Update the people who have access to your Online Banking, such as a family member, accountant, or bookkeeper.

What third-party access can I update?

For third-party access you can:

  1. Remove third-party account access on your sole and joint accounts
  2. Edit the level of account access on a sole account.

Do I have a personal profile or a business profile?

If you are a Sole Trader or a personal customer then you will have a Personal Profile in Online Banking. 

If you are an Administrator and can see the Administration tab, then you will have a Business Profile in Online Banking.

Once you know your profile, it will help you to choose which steps to follow.

How do I view, edit or remove third-party access to my business accounts?

  1. Sign into Online Banking from a desktop. You have to be an Administrator to be able to complete this task.
  2. Go to Administration > # Accounts
  3. Select View third party access for the account you would like to edit or remove
  4. Select the down arrow to show the options to Edit and Remove.


How do I know I have third-party access to an account?

  1. Sign into Online Banking
  2. From your dashboard you will see You have third party access, on the account(s) that you have access to from a desktop, and Third party access from the Westpac App.

What if I have more than one approver for administration tasks?

If your Online Banking is set up to need more than one approver, each Approvers will need to:


  1. Sign into Online Banking from a desktop
  2. Select the Approval button (near the Sign out button)
  3. Select Administration to see the User settings pending approval.

Once the approvals have been completed, each authorised person or business will receive confirmation (by email and through the message centre) that third-party access has been updated or removed.

How do I give someone access to my business account?

Learn how to give trusted people access to your online business banking and credit card accounts.

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