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How to add or update ABN

Login to Westpac Online Banking to add or update your Australia Business Number.

From a desktop, add or update your ABN when logged into Westpac Online Banking.

Please note: For customers who use Biz Invoice, the ABN added or edited using this function will appear on the invoices issued using the relevant Online Banking account. For this reason, it is very important that you check and verify  all the information displayed is accurate and correct.


Step by step guide

Sole Traders:

Select Personal details then under Australia Business Number (ABN) you can Add/Edit your ABN.



Under Registered business details you can add/edit your ABN.

Sole Traders:

Enter your ABN in the field and select Search. Confirm the information is correct and select Confirm.



If you are adding or editing your ABN. Westpac will fetch your ABN using your Australian Company Number (ACN) from our records. If the details are correct, select Confirm.

Add your ABN/TFN when opening a Business Cash Reserve, Business Cash Bonus and Term Deposit account online.

Select from: 


  • Use the ABN/TFN I have supplied previously
  • I'll provide my ABN now
  • I'll provide my TFN now
  • I've got an exemption reason
  • I'll skip and procide my ABN/TFN later


Then follow the prompts to complete your request.


It is important you provide and apply the correct ABN/TFN details, so you are not charged withholding tax. If you realise you have supplied the wrong details, you can visit a branch or call Customer Care on 132 032.

Important information

If the business network allows one Administrator to perform administration tasks

  • Changes will be updated when the Administrator adds or updates the ABN.


If the business network requires more than one Administrator to authorise administration tasks

  • Adding or updating an ABN will require approval from the required number of additional Administrators.
  • Account will show a blue notification box which informs the Administrator that changes are pending approval.

Looking to update your Tax File Number (TFN)?

You can see your Tax File Number (TFN) linked to your accounts in your Interest and tax summary. If you’d like to provide or update your TFN, please phone us on 132 032 so we can securely update this information.



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Things you should know

* This feature is only available to certain organisations and Individuals who are registered for online Banking and currently hold a Westpac Business Banking Product. Any ABN’s added or updated using this feature will be applied at an online banking profile level only and will not be applied at account level.

For customers who use Biz invoice, the ABN added or edited using this function will appear on the invoices issued using the relevant online banking account. For this reason, it is very important that you check all the details displayed are accurate and correct. Westpac will not be liable for any responsible for damages or losses caused by any incorrect information provided by you or an authorised representative using this service.