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Who can manage access to my business accounts in Online Banking?

Only Administrators can manage access to business accounts in Online Banking. Not sure if you’re an Administrator? Find out your access in Online Banking by going to Service > Preferences > Profile access.

How do I see who has access to my business accounts?

  1. Sign in to Online Banking from a desktop. You have to be an Administrator to be able to complete this task
  2. Go to Administration > # Account to see the access level you have for each account
  3. Select View users to see who can access the account selected
  4. Select View third party access to see who else can access the account. This option will only appear if you have given third-party access to an account.
  5. To remove or edit what accounts a User has access to, select their name and update the Account and service access. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save.

What do the account access levels mean?

In the Access level section, you can see three levels of permissions for each of your accounts:

  • No access means you cannot view or access the account
  • Non-value means you can view details including account balance, transaction details, statements and voucher images
  • Value means you can view, create and authorise payments. For your security, anyone you set as a ‘value’ user will need to be identified in person at a Westpac branch.

How do I update who has third-party access to my accounts?

You can update the people who have third-party access to your accounts in Online Banking. Learn how to give third-party access to your business accounts.

What else can I update on a User's profile?

To help with security, you can choose specific days that a User can access your business accounts. Learn how to set the days your Users can access Online Banking.

What if I have more than one Approver for administration tasks?

If your business only requires one Administrator to perform admin tasks, the changes you have made will now be active. If your Online Banking is set up to need more than one approver, each approver will need to:

  1. Sign in to Online Banking from a desktop
  2. Select the Approval button (near the Sign out button)
  3. Select Administration to see the User settings pending approval.