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Westpac Indigenous and remote banking

We’re here to help you, your business and community prosper and grow.

At Westpac, we are committed to helping remote Australian communities prosper and grow. We recognise that remote areas of Australia are home to many Indigenous communities. We have a strong Indigenous banking capability, with specialists who understand that helping Indigenous Australians and businesses to thrive requires respect for culture and community.

What we can offer you for banking

  • Dedicated manager for Indigenous Business
  • Extensive knowledge of establishing and operating Indigenous and non-Indigenous-owned businesses in regional and remote areas
  • Extensive experience as service providers to Aboriginal Corporations and Indigenous Councils
  • Financial literacy offerings through Westpac’s Davidson Institute.

Westpac in my community

At Westpac we’re helping communities and people to prosper and grow by working with microenterprise businesses such as Many Rivers, as well as providing financial education.

Many Rivers

Our partnership with Many Rivers began in 2009.  Many Rivers is a not-for-profit organisation providing microenterprise development services to marginalised and disadvantaged Australians, with a special focus on Indigenous Australians, in regional and remote communities.

Many Rivers vision is for an Australia where all people have access to support and finance for commercial activities. 

The goal for its clients is: ‘Start in Business; Stay in Business; Thrive in Business'.

Through its partnership with Many Rivers, Westpac provides its Westpac microfinance loans to individual business borrowers. Westpac microfinance loans are interest bearing (at a subsidised interest rate) and are offered on an unsecured basis for amounts of $500 up to $50,000. Westpac operates its microfinance loans on a non-profit basis.

The loans are utilised to fund the start-up or expansion of a micro enterprise, mainly in regional locations, supporting micro economic growth and development. We provide clients with access to our banking infrastructure and loan funds via “a real loan from a real bank”.  The Many Rivers and Westpac Partnership leverages the strengths and resources of both organisations, leading to broader financial inclusion for all Australians. This supports ours and Many Rivers vision to help our customers, communities and people prosper and grow.

Beyond Banking

The Westpac Indigenous Banking team’s story takes you beyond banking to tell you about our work in the community, as well as our online financial education website, the Davidson Institute. Read about what we do in the community here.  

Remote banking services

We’re always working to improve the banking experience for remote Indigenous customers and we continue to work with the community to better meet specific banking needs.

We’re always working to improve the banking experience for our customers in remote Australia. We have number of service access points that are helpful to our customers in these areas, with the most common being our Telephone Banking Services and Online Banking platforms.

To talk with us about your needs, contact the Indigenous Business Banking team by email

Telephone banking and translator service

Our Telephone Banking Service can arrange for a translator to be involved in a call if you would prefer to speak in an Indigenous language. Simply ask the banker for a translator when you call us.

Locate us tool

We have branches in many remote and regional communities. Find your closest branch using the Locate Us tool on our website or by calling us on 13 20 32.

Our partnership with Australia Post brings Bank@Post services to many remote and regional areas that don’t have any bank representation. Find your closest Bank@Post using the Australia Post Locate Us tool on their website.

We recognise that not all remote areas have online access yet, in many of these areas. You can access our Online Banking Platform using a Centrelink Agent computer. Find your closest Centrelink Agent using their Locate Us tool on their website.

As access to the internet improves in remote areas, we know many people are using our Online Banking Platforms for the first time and may need a little more information on how to use the service. You can watch a number of How To videos on our Website in the Online Banking support and FAQ page.

Pop-up branches

Our pop-up branches bring a cashless banking service and financial education to remote Indigenous communities for a few days at a time, giving you a chance to ask questions or solve problems you might otherwise need to do in a branch, over the phone or online.

Authorised Representatives

We have Authorised Representatives in certain remote Indigenous Communities in the Northern Territory and Queensland who can help you to open a bank account without having to leave your community. Email to see if there is an Authorised Representative in your remote area.

Making sure it’s really you

When you call us to make a banking request, we have to make sure it’s really you and not someone else trying to access your accounts without you knowing.

This is why we may ask you questions that only you should know and why it’s really important that you let us know if your personal details change like your address, phone number, email etc. so we have the most current information to assist us in keeping your account safe when identifying you.

My accounts

We have accounts that may suit your needs. You can see more about them here.

Things I need to know

How can I tell you what I think or get in touch if something goes wrong with my keycard or my account?