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How to give Users online access to new business accounts – and remove access

Choose who can access new accounts in Online Banking, and manage these Users online.

What do I need to know about giving access to accounts?

Users in a business network will not be able to see a new account until it has been assigned to them by an Administrator, following the steps in this guide.

As an Administrator, you must be signed in on a desktop to give or remove access to a new account. Before you start, have your security device handy and make sure you know what access you would like to assign:


  • Non-value means the User can view details including account balance, transaction details, statements and voucher images
  • Value means that the User can view, create and authorise payments. For your security, Value Users have to be identified in person at a Westpac branch. 


How do I set up access to a new account?

  1. Sign in from a desktop using your 8-digit customer number and password. You have to be an Administrator to be able to complete this task
  2. Look for the account marked New, then select the arrow and in the dropdown menu, select Assign account
  3. Type in the User you wish to assign the account to and under Add another account search for the new account you would like to give access to
  4. Select features you wish the User to have access to, then select Update
  5. Scroll down and select Save.


Please note, the New indicator will only appear in your dashboard for 10 days after the account has been opened.


What if I have more than one Approver for administration tasks?

If your business network only requires one Administrator to perform admin tasks, your new account access for a User will now be active. However, if your Online Banking is set up to need more than one approval, the required number of extra Approvers will need to:

  1. Sign in to Westpac Online Banking from a desktop
  2. Click on the Approval button near the Sign out button
  3. Select the Other tasks tab, where they will see User settings pending approval.


What if it is a joint account?

If you want to add a User to a joint account, you’ll need to download and complete our Joint Account On-Share form (PDF 73KB), then take it into a branch to be processed.

How do I remove a User’s access to an account?

  1. Sign in from a desktop using your 8-digit customer number and password. You have to be an Administrator to be able to complete this task.
  2. Go to Administration and select User administration
  3. To remove a User select the downward arrow on the right-hand side of the User whose access you would like to remove
  4. Confirm your decision by clicking on Remove.