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Business Network - How to assign a token to a User

As an Administrator, you can assign a token to a Business User.

1. Hover over Administration and click User administration

Step 1 - user administration

2. Find the row containing the user, click the menu arrow at the end of the row and select Assign token.

Step 2 - Assign token

3. If you have a spare token available, select Use a spare option, enter the Token serial number and click Assign token.

Step 3 - Assign SecuID token

4. Or to order a new token, select Send a new token option, confirm the address details and click Order token.

Step 4 - Send a new token

5. The user needs to log in to their Business Profile and follow these steps: 1. Click Services & Preferences > Preferences > Select Security > Activate Token (or Complete Activation).

Tip box

  • A User can only have one active security device at any one time i.e. either Token or SMS Protect
  • If you do not have a spare token you can select the Send a replacement option and have one sent. It may take up to 5 days for the token to reach you
  • The token is not active until the user logs in to their own profile to activate device
  • Fees may apply for additional security devices ā€“ check the Terms & Conditions on our website.