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Westpac hosted PayWay

Westpac hosted PayWay is the easiest way to take payments on your website with the least technical hassle. Your customers browse your website and when it comes time for payment, they are sent to a page hosted by Westpac that securely transacts with your bank account.


With Westpac PayWay, simply choose the module/s best suited to your business needs:

  • PayWay Net accepts credit card payments using a secure web page with your branding, but hosted by Westpac. You don't need to worry about finding your own payment gateway
  • PayWay Phone uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to automatically accept credit card payments using a Westpac provided 1300 number or your own 1300 number.
  • More about the PayWay module, Virtual Terminal.
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PayWay API

Seamlessly talk to Westpac's credit card processing functions for real-time, straight-through payment authorisation.


Allows your IT specialist to integrate your phone sales, website or business software into our credit card processing functions:

  • Provides real time authorisation of credit card payments
  • Allows your software developer to integrate your call centre, website or software with Westpac's credit card processing functions
  • Real-time online authorisation of credit card payments
  • Settle your funds into a Westpac Business transactional account and receive same day settlement for transactions processed before 6pm (Sydney time).
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See how easily PayWay integrates with your website or accounting software

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Third party payment gateway

Choose your own Westpac-accredited third party payment gateway as the intermediary between sales and your bank account.


You choose the approved gateway provider; we act as the 'digital key' to securely process credit card payments:

  • The freedom to choose between a single transaction and shopping cart functionality
  • Increased capability through 24/7 payment processing and live transactions
  • Extra peace of mind with 3D Secure


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New card surcharge rules

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Don't have a website? You need Westpac hosted PayWay

You can offer your customers the ability to pay their bills using credit card or PayPal at You won't need a physical EFTPOS machine or even a website.

Things you should know

Applications for merchant services are subject to approval. Terms and Conditions and other fees and charges apply. Full details are available on request.