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Setting-up Westpac Live for your Business

There are some important steps an Administrator has to take to set-up Westpac Live.

Once a business has registered for Online Banking, there are some important steps an Administrator has to take to set-up Westpac Live.

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Establish your banking features

Westpac Live gives Administrators the control to decide which banking tasks or features are needed for their business.

1. Navigate to Administration drop down menu.

2. Click on User administration.


3. Click on Admin settings/More features.



4. Click on Permissions and approvals.


5. View and manage the account & payment features available for you to assign to your Users. You can also set the number of approvers required for each feature.


6. Review your Business Daily Limit (the amount your business would like to transact per day through Westpac Live) and update if required

Business Daily limit

Please refer to the  Business Daily Limit Guide for changing the Business Daily Limit.

Add Users and set-up their access

Now you need to decide which features you would like your Users to access.

For example: You may have the International Payments feature turned on for the business, however you do not want all Users to be able to make International Payments.


1. Add Users to your business profile.


Add users to your business profile.

For instructions please refer to our adding New Users Guide.

2. Set-up User access in Westpac Live.

For every User, it is important to confirm:

Tip: As an Administrator, you are a User and therefore must check that you have access to the features that you need.

Please refer to the Daily Payment Limits guide to find out how to set up various accesses for all Users.


Decide if you require third party accounts

Third party access allows visibility of another businesses' accounts or can allow a business to see another individual customer's accounts.

These can be viewed in Westpac Live provided a Third Party Access Authority has been established.

1. Navigate to Administration drop down menu.

2. Click on User administration.



3. Click on Accounts link in the 'Set access to accounts' grey box.


4. Add a third party Westpac account box (top right).


Tip: If you have Joint Accounts in the name of this business and another entity you will need to get approval from the other entity to display the accounts in your business profile and share them with Users. To do so, please complete our Joint account on-share authority form (PDF 73KB).

Things you should know

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