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How to add a new User to your business Online Banking

Give a trusted employee or accountant access to your Westpac Online Banking.

What do I need before I can give access to my accounts?

To add a User to your business network, you must be an Administrator of the network and signed in from a PC. Before you start, have your security token to hand and make sure you know the following information about your new Users:

  • Full name as registered with Westpac (or as written on their ID* if not a customer)
  • 8-digit customer ID (if the new user is already a Westpac customer)
  • Date of birth
  • Email address.


Please note, if the User you’re adding is already part of your network and you want to give them access to a new account, the process is different. Learn about removing existing Users in Westpac Online Banking.

How do I add a new User to my Westpac Online Banking?

  1. Sign in to Online Banking using your 8-digit customer number and password
  2. Select Administration and then User administration
  3. Select the red Add User button
  4. Add your new User’s details
  5. Select the accounts to share and the level of access, then select Add User.


Key features of adding a User

  • Choose the level of access you want the new User to have with your business accounts
  • Set a payment limit and restrict what accounts and services the new User has access to
  • New User will have to switch Online Banking profiles to see your business accounts
  • Remove or change their account access in Online Banking.


What if I have more than 1 approver for administration tasks?

If your Westpac Online Banking is set up to have more than one approver, any newly added Users will need to be approved by all the Administrators for the account(s).

Other approvers will need to:

  1. Log in to Westpac Online Banking from a PC
  2. Click on the Approval button near the Sign out button
  3. Select the Account tab, where they will see User settings pending approval.


What do the steps look like?

Select Administration and then User administration

Select the red Add User button.

1. Add the new User’s details

2. Select the account(s) you want the new User to have access to (or copy an existing User’s access)

3. Note that we’ve pre-selected some Online Banking features that apply to the accounts you’re giving permission to access. If you would like to allow the new User to make payments (which makes them a ‘Value User’), check Create payment.

4.  If you would like your Value User to be able to open new accounts, tick Open Term Deposits or Open Savings & Transaction accounts.

5. Select Add User on the final screen to complete adding a User.


Things you should know

If the User is an existing Westpac customer they will have immediate access to the profile.

If the User is new to Westpac (and does not need to approve payments and payees) a temporary password is generated for Westpac Live and the User will have immediate view only access.

If the User is new to Westpac (and they do need to approve payments) a temporary password is generated for Westpac Online Banking and the new User will need to be identified at a Branch. The User will have view only access until then. A letter can be generated from Westpac Online Banking, printed and given to the User to take to a Branch.

If you would like to nominate this User as an Administrator there will be an option to ‘Print Form’ after set up.