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Paying your credit card with Card Autopay

Paying your credit card with Card Autopay

You can take the hassle out of making credit card repayments by setting up an automatic payment from an Australian savings or transaction account to pay your credit card each month. You can choose to pay:

  • The full closing balance(all credit cards)
  • The minimum payment due each month, as shown on your monthly credit card statement (all credit cards)
  • A percentage of the closing balance (not available for Flex Card)
  • A set amount of the closing balance2 (not available for Flex Card)

How to set up Card Autopay

Online setup of Card Autopay is available for customers with a transaction account in their sole name. Coming soon – online setup from joint accounts and home loans with redraw.

To set up Card Autopay from your own Westpac account to your credit card:

  • Sign in to Online Banking,
    Step 1.
    Go to the Services and preferences menu and select Services from the drop down menu
    Step 2.
    Select Manage Card Autopay from the Card Services menu
    Step 3.
    Complete the required details to set up Card Autopay. Select an account to Pay from and your preferred Autopay option. You will need to set up Card Autopay for each individual Westpac credit card you have.
  • Call us on 1300 651 089 (8am - 8pm Sydney Time, 7 days).
  • If you’re setting up Card Autopay from a non-Westpac account:
    Flex Card: Sign in to Online Banking and follow the steps above
    All other Westpac credit cards: Fill in the Card Autopay Request form (PDF 641KB) and take it to any Westpac branch (don’t forget your ID)

Is there a fee for using Card Autopay?

No. Card AutoPay is a free service.

Can I change or cancel my Card Autopay?

You are free to change or cancel your Card Autopay at any time (notice periods apply). However, if you have a Flex Card, you must maintain an active Autopay in order to transact on the card.

How long does it take to start?

It takes 1 full statement cycle for Card Autopay to start. 

Things you should know

* Westpac Online Banking registration required. Refer to the Online Banking Terms and Conditions.

1. If you have an active SmartPlan or Balance Transfer, the amount shown on your statement as Monthly Payment Balance will be paid. Any Balance Transfer amount (including fees and interest, if any) is not included in the Monthly Payment Balance and you will need to make separate arrangements if you want to pay it down.

2. A fixed dollar or percentage of your monthly credit card statement “closing balance” will be paid. If the “closing balance” is less than your nominated amount, only the “closing balance” will be paid. If your nominated amount falls below the “minimum payment due”, Westpac will debit the “minimum payment due”.