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SMS Scams

At Westpac, we’re vigilant about safeguarding your financial and personal information. Help protects you, your family and your business. Check out the types of scams being used plus some useful tips on how to stay safe.


Please report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 132 032 or (+612) 9293 9270 if overseas (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Fraudulent text messages use similar tactics as email scams and are commonly known as SMS Phishing.

Watch out for these SMS phishing signs:

  • Often pretend to come from a legitimate company
  • Will not contain any specific greeting or account information
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Often include no contact details
  • Contain links to fake websites

Avoid responding to any suspicious text messages or clicking on any links that are provided.

If you receive an SMS that you are suspicious of, you have not requested or you are not expecting, particularly Westpac Protect SMS Codes, please contact us immediately on 132 032 to confirm the authenticity of the message. Help protect yourself against scammers by not sharing your SMS codes.

Remember, Westpac will never send you a link to a sign in page or to access online banking directly.

You can report SMS scams by forwarding the hoax SMS messages to us on 0497 132 032.

However, if you believe your security has been compromised or you notice a transaction you did not make, contact us immediately on 132 032.

Other mobile scams

You might be offered free or cheap ring tones, the chance to win fantastic prizes via text messages, or even automated voicemail messages. Again, you should avoid responding to or downloading supposedly free software due to the risk of a virus or malicious software being installed.

Want to learn more about mobile fraud?

Refer to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) SCAMwatch site for more info on these types of scams.