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Need to report fraud, scam or dispute?

It can be difficult to know exactly who to contact when you think you've been involved in a fraud, scam or a transaction dispute with a merchant. To avoid confusion, we've listed details of the best contacts based on common scenarios.

Report suspicious activities

By sharing these types of activities with us, you’re helping our customers and the Australian community stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. You'll receive an automatic response from us but we're unable to respond to you personally.


Forward it to us including any attachments, then delete the email.

SMS 0497 132 032

Forward the message to us but make sure you delete the SMS afterwards.

Scam related bank accounts

Have you come across account number(s) as part of a scam or other suspicious activity? Let us know via email.


Is your transaction a...


A disputed transaction is when you recognise the transaction, but may have an issue with the product/service received, e.g., goods or services not as described, defective or not received. 


A fraudulent transaction is when you have not actively participated in the transaction, e.g., your details were compromised without your knowledge, leading to unauthorised transactions on your accounts.


A scam transaction is when you participate in the activity, but were misled on the purpose, e.g., sharing a Security Code for Online Banking, purchasing an item online that never existed or investing in an opportunity that turned out to be fake.

What to do if you want to...

If you come across any transactions that you don’t recognise, a little investigation can be the simplest way to resolve or determine your next steps.

  • If you have an additional card holder, check if they’ve completed the transaction.
  • Look up additional merchant details including their contact details, website and location information by tapping the transaction in Online Banking or the Westpac App.
  • If you're familiar with the merchant, please contact them directly to resolve the matter.
  • If you're unfamiliar with the merchant, a quick Google search could help identify the merchant as many businesses trade under different name(s).
If you were unable to reach an outcome with the merchant or still don’t recognise the transaction, find out how to  dispute the charges in Online Banking or the Westpac App.


Get an update on an existing scam case

Need to get in touch with the team on a case you've already reported?

Speak with a scam specialist

Need more help?

Chat now with Red

Red, our virtual assistant, can help determine your next steps. Use the 'Chat now' icon on this page to start the conversation.

Security checklists

If you think you've encountered these scams, go through the checklists below to see what actions you should take.

Additional support

If you need any further information on scams or cyber security, check out the links below.


Westpac has partnered with IDCARE, Australia and New Zealand's National Identity & Cyber Support Service, to provide free, confidential support and guidance to people who have been targeted by fraud, scams, identity theft or compromise.

IDCARE can help create a tailored response plan for your personal situation – not only in relation to your financial accounts but also any other personal details, mobile phone or email accounts, utilities, and social media accounts that may be impacted.

You can contact IDCARE toll-free on 1800 595 160, or visit their website


Responsible Disclosure at Westpac

Westpac takes the protection of customer information and confidential information very seriously. We welcome any information you may have on suspected cyber threats or security issues.