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Salary packaging

Employee Benefits Cards were designed to meet the needs of public or private hospitals, not for profits and benevolent institutions and their employees.

They allow employees of public benevolent institutions or their additional cardholders to access a portion of their tax free salary entitlement through a card, which is unique to this industry. The Employee Benefits Cards comply with fringe benefits tax Class Ruling CR 2007/17, CR 2016/43 and Addendums.

Westpac offers two types of Employee Benefits Cards:

  • Westpac Everyday Purchase Card
  • Westpac Meal & Accommodation Card

Each card has different spending criteria that are in line with each tax ruling associated to the cards.

Westpac Everyday Purchase Card

Employees use the card like a personal debit card for everyday expenses such as petrol, clothing, school fees, BPAY payments, holidays and even weekly groceries.

Westpac Meal & Accommodation Card

Employees simply swipe their Meal & Accommodation Card to enjoy tax-free spending on meals and accommodation. These expenses include items such as:

  • a dine-in meal at a restaurant or café
  • purchasing food and / or drinks at a holiday resort or hotel
  • purchasing a hotel / motel room, a cabin or onsite van in a caravan park
  • pay for time share annual fees
  • venue hire expenses which may include a private function room at a club for a family celebration or similar pursuit.

Payments to the card can be completed through multiple channels, including direct entry and BPAY.