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Resources to support you at each stage

Separating physically and financially

Informative guide and checklist to help and protect you - from your first steps through to independence.

Regaining independence

Understand your financial position, protect your assets and preserve your privacy with these features.

Rebuilding financial security

Setting yourself up for success, from budgeting and financial advice to networks and careers.

Separating physically and financially

Your first steps in a separation

5 key things to do first

Whether your separation is planned or has come as a surprise, there are 5 things that you should focus on immediately.

Prioritising your privacy

We understand how important your privacy is during a separation. It’s our priority to help you protect your privacy and establish independence as quickly and simply as possible.

Your professional team

The benefits of accurate and practical professional advice can make a huge difference to your final outcome in a separation.

Separation checklist and links

Use our downloadable checklist to focus on what needs to be done at the outset.

Regaining independence

Navigating the separation process.

Protecting your business

Running a business can be all-consuming at the best of times, let alone in a separation. If you’re a business owner, here are some things to consider straight away.

Considering property

Discussing property in a divorce can be complex. We've outlined your considerations regarding such assets in a separation.

Understanding settlements

Every divorce is different, so there isn’t a standard ‘rule of thumb’ when calculating how you split assets.

Rebuilding financial security

Every separation is the start of something new.

Planning for your future

A separation is a good time to review and update personal documents and accounts so they support your next step.

Getting the right financial advice

Whether you find yourself with more or less money after a separation, a financial advisor could help you with your next steps.

Future proofing your independence

A separation is both an end and the start of a fresh chapter. Here we gather educational videos and tools to help you plan your future.

Separation support resources

Access dedicated guides, checklists, tools and videos

Download the Separation Support Guide (PDF 697KB) - A comprehensive guide designed to support you through a separation.

Download the Separation Checklist (PDF 86KB) - A simple step-by-step guide to help you work through what needs to be done when you separate from your partner.

Download the Guidelines on Family Law Proceedings (PDF 193KB) - The guidelines will assist you (our customers), your legal advisers and your representatives who may be involved with family law property proceedings.

You can also access our budget planner tool online.


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