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Internet Banking, EFTPOS, Corporate Cards and High Yield Investment Accounts - Schools

Internet Banking

Please complete Westpac Live registration for access to Westpac's online banking system.

When making changes to your Business Online facility, please complete the Administrator form - Online Banking. (PDF 113KB)

Once complete, please return all documents to:

Victorian Government Team
Client Experience Manager
Westpac Banking Corporation
Level 7
150 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000  


Details of the EFTPOS offering for the Victorian Government schools (PDF 146KB). This offer is available until 30 September 2021.

Merchant facilities can be established to allow your Agency to accept debit and credit card payments. We have a number of options available (such as EFTPOS terminals and Internet solutions) to meet your needs.

It's important that a merchant facility is selected that meets  your Agency's needs. We suggest that you discuss your needs with your Client Manager before establishing a new facility.
EFT Merchant Application Form (PDF 698KB) 

Cancel Card

Commercial Card – Card Cancellation Request (PDF 70KB)

Complete this if you would like to cancel a card.

Cardholder Application

Corporate and Purchasing Card – Cardholder Application (PDF 258KB)

Complete this if you wish to establish a new Corporate or Purchasing card

Cardholder Agreement

Corporate and Purchasing Card – Cardholder Agreement (PDF 751KB)

This form must be completed and signed by the cardholder, then scanned and sent to Westpac by the Verifying Officer with the completed Cardholder Application electronic worksheet.

Change Card Credit Limit

Commercial Card - Maintenance of Limits and or Merchant Restrictions (PDF 88KB)

Complete this if you would like to amend the merchant restrictions or increase or decrease the credit limit on individual cards.

Letter of Authority

Letter of Authority (PDF 36KB)

Complete this form when using the Electronic Cardholder Application and submit to Westpac.

Nominate Authorised Signatory/Verifying Officer

Commercial Cards – Roles and Responsibilities for Authorised Signatories and Verifying Officers (PDF 611KB)

When nominating Authorised Signatories and or Verifying Officers for a Corporate/Purchasing facility. Please ensure a copy of the roles and responsibilities is provided to the nominees prior to signing the below form.

Commercial Cards – Authorised Signatory/Verifying Officer Nomination Form (PDF 559KB)

Complete this if the Organisation wishes to nominate an employee to act as an Authorised Signatory/Verifying Officer for your Corporate/Purchasing Card facility.

Annexure to Authorised Signatory/Verifying Officer Nomination (PDF 61KB)

Complete this if you wish to nominate more than 4 employees to act as an Authorised Signatory/Verifying Officer and attach to the above form.


High Yield Investment Account - Schools

How do I add a new signatory to my account(s)?

  • Complete the Notice of Authority - Government (PDF 81KB) if your School needs to add one or more new account signatories to an existing account   
  • Note, the authority is given for two (2) people to sign jointly, these must include current Principal and School Council member. Under Heading Details of Persons Authorised, page 2. The Full Name, Office Held, 8 digit Customer number and Signature are required to be completed for each signatory. If not already Westpac Identified this can be completed by visiting the nearest Westpac Branch with suitable identification
  • This form is to be executed/signed by the Principal on page 3 under the heading: Authority Execution
  • All new signatories are to be Westpac Identified with a valid 8 digit customer number
  • Please refer to example: Example Notice of Authority attached Notice of authority for addition to persons authorised (PDF 484KB).

What identification is required?

To be completed only if the new signatory does not hold Westpac Accounts or has not been previously Westpac dentified.

The document below has been prepared for customers to provide guidance on the process for certifying identification documents ( to be used for remote areas only with no Westpac Branch) and lists the Acceptable Identification Documents.  This document is for Australian resident customers only.

WIB Customer Guidance on Certifying ID Documents (PDF 24KB)  

How do I remove signatories on an account?

Where can I find more help?

The document below includes contact details and answers to frequently asked questions. This document is for Department of Education and Training customers based in Victoria only.

Westpac contacts and frequently asked questions (PDF 405KB)

Things you should know

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