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Importing a payment file (.aba/Pay anyone file type)

Import your ABA file that contains payments. ABA files are commonly exported from your accounting software. Refer to Tips to see what an ABA file looks like.

Step 1

Navigate to Payments and select File Imports

Step 2

In the Imports section, select Import new file.

Step 3

Select Direct Entry/Pay Anyone (.aba).

Browse and choose the .aba file, enter a Description (optional) for the new file and select Upload.

Step 4

After the file has been uploaded it will be viewable in the file import list and will display a status of ‘Imported’.

To make a payment using the file, select View details to review the payment and select Confirm.

Authorise the payment by entering the SMS or Token code and selecting Authorise.



Some accounting software packages will not allow you to edit the file description prior to importing the payment file into Westpac Live. File descriptions cannot be amended once the payment file is uploaded into Westpac Live. For more information on how to import payment details, please log in to Westpac Live and navigate to the Help Centre.


Example of ABA file in Notepad




  • The maximum number of payees or payments that can be imported is 500
  • Payments can be made 24 months in advance
  • The new description you have entered will appear on confirmation and receipt pages of your import
  • Changing the file description is only available when importing files that contain credit transactions only
  • If you import a file using your Westpac Direct Entry facility, you can only view the new description in the payment details summary and approvals section, not in the transaction history
  • Westpac Live won’t process after the 20th error has been found. The payment summary screen will display the error message of ‘Import failed’
  • Fees apply for direct entry transactions.