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What you need to do

To switch to another lender, you’ll need to fully remove Westpac from your property title.

To start this process, fill out our Property & Security Request form at the end of this page.

Are you sure the grass is greener?

Let’s negotiate

Our home loan team would love the opportunity to do whatever they can to keep you. Call 131 900.

Be careful with break costs

Fixed term loans often come with break costs if you leave early, which can run into the thousands. Know more.

Will they look after you?

We genuinely help our customers through the tough times, like job loss* and COVID 19 support, and disaster relief*.

More than a rate

Your Westpac home loan can come with added value, ensure you compare apples with apples.

Your home loan release form

Before you accept your refinance offer with another bank, call us on 131 900 and see what we can do in terms of matching their offer. We’ll also let you know what your mortgage discharge fee will be. If we were unable to change your mind, you can remove Westpac from your property title by filling out and submitting our Property & Security Request form.

What do I need to complete the form?

  • Info about all borrowers
  • Info on any guarantors
  • Broker, Solicitor, Executor and Power of Attorney info
  • Your home loan account numbers
  • Info about new and existing securities, properties or term deposits
  • The Court Order or The Power of Attorney (if applicable), if not already held by the bank.
Fill out the form to update the property’s security

Things you should know

* Hardship and disaster relief available to customers may be dependent on individual circumstances, and are subject to change.