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EFTPOS Professional Mobile & Extra Mobile - troubleshooting

Common problems and how to solve them.

The problems you may encounter and their solutions are detailed below. For further help call the Helpdesk on 1800 029 749.

EFTPOS machine problems

There is no power to the EFTPOS machine

The machine must be charged for 4 hours. It will have 3 power bars on the left hand side when the terminal is fully charged.

The machine is not responding or is frozen, or the screen is displaying NPO or an invalid character

Check that the power cable is connected correctly.

You can do this by:

  1. Removing the power cable
  2. Reconnecting the power cable after 10 seconds.

The printer is not printing correctly

Printing problems include:

  • Printing on one side only
  • The printer is jamming
  • The print is faded
  • The paper is feeding blank.

Carry out the following checks:

  • Check you are using our paper in the printer. If not, remove the existing paper and replace with our paper
  • Check the shiny side of the paper is on top as it exits the printer. If not, remove and re-insert paper roll correctly
  • Check the roll is positioned correctly in its holders and the paper feeds from under the paper roll. If not, remove the paper and feed a new roll into the printer, ensuring you use the small green printer release lever. Refer to the User Guide for instructions.

There is a GPRS error or there is no network

Carry out the following steps:

  1. Re-insert the battery
  2. Power on the machine by holding down the green enter key for Extra Mobile and blue enter key for Professional Mobile.

The card is not swiping or the EFTPOS machine is not reading the card

Alternate the speed and direction of the card swipe and if you are unsuccessful, carry out the following checks:

  • Check that the magnetic swipe on the card is not damaged
  • Check whether the machine can successfully read other cards.