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6 tips to get your first sale

When you start a business, getting your first sale can be tough. Here are 6 tips which might help you get your first sale.

1. Test your idea well, with people who would buy it

Make sure you test early, as you are looking to validate concepts. You need not have the perfect product just yet, as something to gather early feedback will help you preserve or pivot your strategy.


2. See if your existing contacts will recommend you to their network

You may have years of experience in your previous industry and a healthy network. Would your peers be willing to recommend your business to their network?


3. Find the key influencers in your industry and gift them with your product or service

There are people in your industry who look for what is new and innovative. If you give them a sample of your product or service, they may share their experience, talk about your business or even become a customer of yours.


4. Consistently communicate as a business with social media posts

Even if you are yet to land customers or clients, awareness is the first step. People are exposed to hundreds of messages per day and it can take time before people instantly recognise your brand. You also want to consistently show up, so you are there when someone is considering businesses in your area.


5. ‘Pull’ your customers or clients in. Never ‘push’ what you have

Be attractive. Have the presentation of your product or service so good that it sells itself. Most people do not like ‘pushy’ sales people.

6. Recognise you are part of a community who help others with their businesses

While the ‘lone wolf’ entrepreneur image is often promoted by the media, in real life there is so much value and opportunity in connecting with like-minded people.

When you do land your first sale, you will want to have your invoicing and EFTPOS payment systems1 set up and ready to go.




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