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5 ways you could become a stronger leader in your business community

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When you run a business, you have the opportunity to be an influential leader in your community. Depending on where your business is in the value chain, your decisions have the capacity to impact many of your suppliers and customers.

Key take-outs
  • Express why you do what you do
  • Share your key leadership story
  • Consider the social impact your business has
  • Take control of your presence on social media
  • Lead the game-changing moves in your industry

What actions can strengthen your position and reputation?

Gina Di Brita , the Founder and Director of Numero Uno Coffee Roasters in Sydney, said “I’m always thinking of ways to better my business with the intention of having an impact somewhere along the coffee supply chain.”

If you too are a leader in your business community, here are five things you might like to try to enhance your reputation and strengthen your impact.

1. Express why you do what you do

Prepare yourself for the question, “What is your reason for being in business?” 

Think about why you do what you do, and what your purpose and passion is in business. These revelations help create emotional connections with other people, and your story may also motivate people to support any issues you happen to champion.

2. Share your key leadership story

Consider how you can best communicate your experience and value as a leader with  inspiring examples from your past. What key leadership stories will captivate people’s hearts and minds to have them align with your cause?

3. Consider the social impact your business has on others

If you are conscious about how you operate, your business may make a positive social impact, positioning you as a good corporate citizen

For example, we spoke with Ryan Meyer , Senior Regional Director APAC of General Assembly who sees their business of training people in new skills of user experience design, data science and web development as helping “individuals solve the existential crisis of the modern economy… There’s not a proven pathway about how to move into the modern economy, and General Assembly has come in and provided the bridge.”

Another key impact to consider is your business’s impact on the environment. Think about ways you might be able to make your business greener, and share your actions with your business peers and the community.

4. Take control of your presence on social media

Nowadays, when people want to know about you and what you stand for, they turn to social media. Key questions to ask yourself are:

  • How am I communicating my message to people on social media, and could I be doing it better? 
  • How could I effectively share my story of business leadership? 
  • How can I demonstrate the impact I make on the business community? 
  • In what ways do I and my business contribute to a greater cause?

5. Lead the game-changing moves in your industry

If you are a true leader, you’re going to be at the cutting edge of the game-changing moves in your industry. 

So how do you communicate your expertise and how can you and your business push the boundaries forward?


Whatever your leadership style and no matter how you choose to run your business, be confident that you can be a stronger leader in your business community by following these tips, while being clear, true, authentic and committed.

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Things you should know

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