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5 ways to be a stronger leader in your business community

When you run a business, you have the potential to be an influential leader in your business community. Depending on where your business is in the value chain, your decisions have the capacity to impact many of your suppliers and customers.

Gina Di Brita, the Founder and Director of Numero Uno Coffee Roasters in Sydney, said “I’m always thinking of ways to better my business with the intention of having an impact somewhere along the coffee supply chain.”

If you are a leader in your business community, here are 5 ways you might want to try to strengthen your impact.

1.    Why you do what you do

What is your reason for being in business? Why do you do what you do? What is your purpose and passion in business, as this story is what makes emotional connection with other people. This will also connect people with the issues that you champion.

2.     Your key leadership story

How can you communicate your experience and value as a leader with a story? What key leadership story will captivate people’s hearts and minds to have them align with your cause?

3.    The social impact your business makes

If you are conscious about how you do business, your business may make a positive social impact. For example, we spoke with Ryan Meyer, Senior Regional Director APAC of General Assembly who sees their business of training people in new skills of user experience design, data science and web development as helping “individuals solve the existential crisis of the modern economy… There’s not a proven pathway about how to move into the modern economy, and General Assembly has come in and provided the bridge.”

4.    Your presence on social media

How do you communicate your message to people on social media? How do you engage them with your story and business leadership? How do you choose to show what impact you make on the business community? How do you and your business contribute to a greater cause?

5.    The game-changing moves for your industry

If you truly lead, you’re going to be at the cutting edge of the game changing moves in your industry. How do you communicate your expertise and how you and your business push the boundaries forward?


However you choose to lead, know you can be a stronger in your business community by being clear, true, authentic and committed.


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Things you should know

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