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Meet Rach

Rach Ranton is an Inclusion and Diversity Consultant and has been part of the Westpac Group since 2008. Rach previously worked for the Australian Army as an Electronic Warfare Operator.

What was your role in the military?

I was an Electronic Warfare Operator in the Army, and my role was to conduct intercept and analysis of enemy communications; providing advice and warning to commanders on the battlefield. I was mostly posted to the Tactical unit for my trade, and my service included deployments to East Timor (1999 - INTERFET) and Afghanistan (2006-1st RTF, OP SLIPPER). On both deployments I supported and embedded with frontline assets and was called upon regularly to brief the highest ranking field commanders (Australian and International) in volatile situations. I made multiple, high-impact decisions daily based on my knowledge, analysis and experience and was previously awarded a VCDF Silver Commendation for my work in Afghanistan.


Describe your current role at Westpac and previous roles

Currently, I’m working as an Inclusion & Diversity Consultant, with a particular focus on researching and providing recommendations to the Westpac Group about how to best establish an Autism Hiring Program. The role before this, I was working as a Project Manager, supporting a the national Premium business to redesign how they support Premium customers with a view to the changes coming to the Future of Work (so considering things like the gig-economy, flexible work, customer advocacy and applying a strengths based approach to work).


Before that, I worked in the St.George Brand within the Westpac Group as an Area Manager, leading a team of 13 Branches from Brisbane City to the Sunshine Coast. I started with the Group as a Branch Manager at St.George Toowoomba. Even though I had no banking experience, they were willing to take me on for my leadership capabilities, and teach me the banking.

What are the key skills and experiences you gained from the military that apply to your work at Westpac?

I use many of my military attributes every day at work, but I’d say there are three that I use most frequently;

  • Leadership
  • Decisiveness
  • Ability to learn


I learned all of these skills in the military, and they’ve been refined throughout my 9 years at the Westpac Group. I’m comfortable making decisions in ambiguous and changing circumstances (banking changes a lot!),and because I make decisions, I ‘get stuff done’. I also get a lot of satisfaction in about helping people to stretch and grow to become the best leader that they can, and I’m confident to take on almost anything because I’m used to constantly learning. This last one has been particularly relevant in my last two roles, where I had to ‘back myself’ to work in areas of the business and on topics where I had no prior experience. I’d say almost every ex-serving person I have met would be able to do this too – in the military you are frequently thrown into situations where you rely on the people around you, and your natural strengths in other areas to help you learn quickly to solve complex problems you’ve never seen before.

Why should Veterans consider Westpac as a future employer?

Westpac have signed up and are major supporters of the Veterans Initiative which means they are committed to supporting Veterans who are leaving Defence to transition to corporate roles. At the same time, Westpac are looking at ways they can support Reservists to manage their military and corporate careers, and supporting families of Veterans. To do all this, Westpac have established a Veterans Employee Action Group – it’s driven by the people of Westpac who are ex-Defence, or current reservists or Defence families – and we support people joining the Group by appointing mentors, helping Hiring Managers to understand military CVs and promoting the hiring of Veterans throughout our networks.


Another reason Westpac is a good fit is that the Westpac Values of One Team, Integrity, Service, Courage and Achievement align really well with the values of the military. So culturally, you can expect decisions and behaviours to be relatively close to those of the military.


Being a large organisation with nearly 40,000 people, the Westpac Group is represented through our many brands all across Australia. There are so many different roles, departments and specialities that there are amazing career opportunities if you join Westpac. A lot of the roles people don’t think about at a Bank right away include Project Management, Cyber Security, Data analytics, Strategy, Digital design and Software Development. There are so many directions to take your career, all within Westpac.

What advice would you give to transitioning members of the military that are seeking employment opportunities?


You need to get really comfortable explaining the things that you do well.

Nearly every Veteran I know:

  • Has outstanding leadership qualities (the time the Military invest in teaching people how to lead is unmatched)
  • Is a team-player
  • Is execution focused (military people get stuff done)
  • Has great perspective
  • Is decisive (and this helps push projects forward)
  • Is self-driven, with a strong work ethic
  • Can think about and understand the ‘big picture’


Don’t be intimidated by the change. Understand those skills and capabilities that are transferable, and highlight these in your CV and in interviews. At the same time, you’ll need to acknowledge that in many cases, you don’t have recent, relevant experience, so might need to start in a role where you can build those skills, before forging on and up the career ladder. It’s worth it. The opportunities to succeed and achieve any career outcomes are all right there for the taking.


We are committed to making it easier for veterans, reservists and military partners to take their next career step with us. Find out more