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What is a PayID?

A PayID is a piece of information that is unique to you, such as a mobile number or ABN, that you can use to accept payments. Personal customer can register a mobile number as a PayID and if you’re a Sole Trader or the owner of a company, you can use your ABN as a PayID. You can give your PayID to payees, instead of using your BSB and account number, giving you an easier way to share your account details. 

How can I create a PayID?

Using a mobile number (Personal customers) 

To create a PayID, you will need to be registered for Westpac Protect™ SMS code and have an eligible Osko account.  

  • Westpac App - search PayID in the Smart Search bar and follow the prompts. 
  • Online Banking - go to Service > Services > Account Services > Pay ID/Pay to Mobile

Note: You can only register your mobile number with one financial institution. 


Using an ABN (Business customers) 

To create a PayID using your ABN, you need to be registered for Westpac Protect™ SMS code or a token and have an eligible account.  

  • Westpac App - search PayID in the Smart Search bar and follow the prompts. 
  • Online Banking - go to Service > Account Services > PayID settings > Create new PayID

How can I give my staff access to create a PayID on my behalf? 

If you're the Administrator of a Business Network, you can give your staff permission to create a PayID.  

Go to Administration > User administration. Select the person you want to give access. In Other Permissions, select Manage PayIDs, then scroll down to Save

Need help? 

Learn more about the New Payments Platform, Osko and PayID.