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Are Osko and PayID safe and secure?

How is PayID safer than a BSB and Account number?

When paying to a PayID, the registered PayID name will be displayed onscreen, allowing you to verify the payee is the intended recipient before sending your payment.

How does this help you?

  • Register for a PayID and request this is how you are paid.
    This means anyone making a payment to you can verify the registered name associated to the PayID, before they transfer their money.
  • Request anyone asking you for payment to provide a PayID.
    This allows you to verify the registered payee name, helping to protect you from scams where payments may be redirected to fraudulent accounts.
  • Scam Prevention Tip!
    If the registered payee name displayed is not your intended recipient something is possibly suspect. Always call the payee on a trusted number to verify the payment details before proceeding with the payment.

Osko payments and payments to PayIDs are made through Westpac Online Banking and are subject to Westpac’s own real-time, fraud screening and detection and are covered by the Online Banking Security Guarantee.

Need help?

Learn more about the New Payments Platform, Osko and PayID.