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What’s a positive expense? Does it reduce my estimated carbon emissions for a transaction?

Certain credit transactions, such as refunds, will be assigned to a specific category. This is usually the same category the original purchase transaction was assigned to. These transactions will have a positive value attributed to them and will reduce the estimated carbon footprint calculation by the amount corresponding to the credit. Credits made to your eligible accounts, like refunds, may occur in a different month to the purchase transaction. For example, if you received a refund on an item you purchased (e.g. an airline ticket), that transaction would be categorised as 'Flights & Transportation' but deliver a reduction to your estimated carbon footprint calculation. 

To exclude credit transactions from your carbon footprint insights, you can re-categorise them as ’Transfers’.


To help you understand how the Carbon Footprint Tracker feature works, our partner Cogo has provided answers to your most frequently asked questions.