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How can I import a payment file?

You can import ABA, BPAY or Pay Anyone payment file types into your Online Banking by following the steps below.

Please note that these steps must be completed from a desktop/laptop in Online Banking as this function isn’t available through The Westpac App.

ABA payment file:

  1. Select Payments and File imports
  2. Select Import new file located on the right of the screen and under File type, select Direct Entry/Pay Anyone (ABA)
  3. Use the Choose file button to find the ABA file to import from your desktop, then select Upload.

BPAY or Pay Anyone payment file:

Note: BPAY and Pay Anyone files cannot be combined.


  1. Go to Payments and File Imports
  2. In the Imports section, select IMPORT NEW FILE
  3. Select CSV as the file type, then select File contains payment information
  4. Select Choose File to browse and select a .CSV file to upload
  5. For BPAY, under Payment details, select the Payment method – BPAY® and add the From account, Description (optional), and Payment date (up to two years in advance)
    For Pay Anyone, under Payment details, select Payment method – Pay Anyone and add the From account, Description (optional), Payer name and Payment date (up to two years in advance
  6. In the Mapping rules section, map each column of your .CSV file to the fields required. For BPAY, include the payee’s Biller code, Customer reference number, Payment amount and Payee Nickname (optional), then select Upload.
    For Pay Anyone, include the Payee BSB, Payee Account number, Payee Account name, Payment description (optional), Payment amount and Nickname (optional), then select Upload
  7. Select View details to review the payment.


Please see our how to guide for more information, tips and other FAQs.