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How does SmartPlan affect my credit card payments?

Simply make repayments to your Card Account as you normally would, by your account due date each month.

Payments will be applied to your SmartPlan Repayments due for that month first, then to the rest of your Main Account Balance in accordance with your credit card terms and conditions.  Generally, this means that payments will be applied in descending order from those attracting the highest Annual Percentage Rate to those attracting the lowest Annual Percentage Rate.  For full details view the credit card terms and conditions.

Applying payments to your SmartPlan Repayments first means that other balances that attract a higher interest rate may be repaid later and as a result may attract greater interest charges.

If you have paid off your full Main Account Balance, then the payments will go towards paying off any remaining SmartPlan Balance.

SmartPlan is available now on all Westpac personal credit cards.