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How do I set up a recurring payment online?


You can use Online Banking or Mobile Banking to set up a payment to repeat on a regular basis, for the same amount and a specific frequency.

Recurring Payments is a way to make a payment for a set amount and must be paid on a regular interval. You can create a Recurring Payment for BPAY® and Funds Transfers and these can be set up for an exact number of occurrences, for a certain date OR until it's cancelled.

Once a Recurring Payment has been established it can be cancelled at any time. The amount can be changed or it can be placed 'on hold' / 'resumed'.

The Recurring Payment creates an individual payment which will be shown in the upcoming payments list until the payment is processed or cancelled. Once the payment date has passed the next individual payment will be created. Individual payments can be cancelled or the amount changed up to the date before the due date.


To set up a recurring payment in Westpac Online Banking:

  1. Sign in to Westpac Online Banking
  2. Select the 'Make a payment' button on the Overview page
  3. Select the Recurring payment option in the Payment details section


To set up a recurring payment in Westpac Mobile Banking:

  1. Sign in to Westpac Mobile Banking
  2. Tap Pay from the bottom menu
  3. Under Payment details tap When
  4. Select How often payments should be made

Can I change a recurring payment?

You can only update the amount of the recurring payment. If you need to change any other details (e.g. payee information, descriptions, frequency), you’ll need to cancel and create the recurring payment again with the new information.