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What are the permissions I’ll see on my phone and why are they requested by the Westpac iPhone Mobile Banking App?

When you install the Westpac Mobile Banking App on your Apple iPhone, you’re prompted with the permissions that the app requests. The descriptions of these permissions are created by Apple and, currently, there’s no way for Westpac to customise them. So, to make sure you understand what features we access and what data we actually collect, we’ve provided a more detailed breakdown and guide of the permissions below.

Permissions can be managed in your device Settings.


As requested on your phone

Why do we ask for it?


Westpac would like to access your contacts

We ask for this permission so you can open your contacts list and select a recipient for Pay to Mobile payments.


Westpac would like to send you notifications

We ask for this permission so you can receive communications from the bank. For example for security and authentication purposes, for notifications you may have set up or to send you other information relevant to you.

Location Services

Westpac would like to access your location even when you are not using the app

We need this permission so we can check activity from unexpected places. We also use this permission so the app can show you the nearest Westpac branch and ATM.