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Is there a transaction limit for a PayTo Agreement?

Your PayTo Agreement may specify an exact amount to be paid and a regular payment frequency, or a variable payment with a limit (for example, ‘up to $100 per month’), as agreed with the business or merchant you’ve authorised to take payments.

You will only be able to authorise PayTo Agreements that are:

  • $1,000 or less per transaction for PayTo Agreements with 'anytime'* payment frequency (previously called ‘ad hoc’ payment frequency).
  • $25,000 or less per transaction for PayTo Agreements with a payment frequency other than ‘anytime’ (fixed or variable).


PayTo payments

If you don’t have sufficient funds available in your account when the PayTo payment is due, your PayTo payment will be declined. You will need to contact the business or merchant. 

*When a payment frequency is set to ‘anytime’, payments will be debited at intervals determined by the business or merchant.