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What's a transaction tag?

A tag is a label that you can add to a transaction using your Westpac App. Tags allow you to personalise your spend insights. You can apply multiple tags to each transaction. For example, you could add tags to track expenses for an event, a holiday, a person or for household expenses. 


 Here’s how transaction tags could be used:

Tags for an Event: e.g. a wedding

Each transaction related to the wedding is categorised as usual. By adding the tag “Wedding” to the transaction, you can see how much you’ve spent in each category for the “Wedding” at any time, helping you keep track of your spend. 

Tags for holidays

While you’re away or paying for holiday expenses, you may wish to tag your transactions with the area, country or “holiday1”. You can then filter for the holiday tag and review all your costs for that holiday. You can compare different holidays over time or see how your food or entertainment spending changes while you’re away. 

Tags for joint accounts

You can tag your transactions with a name where you’re operating a joint account but want to know who spends what. For example, you might want to know how much each person spent on coffee or entertainment over a period to start or help you stick to a budget. 

Tags for sharing household expenses

Use a tag for household expenses to keep track of your share of costs versus your partner or a flatmate. You can also use a different tag for the various costs related to your household, from utility bills to groceries, entertainment or even home improvements. You can filter for the tag you're interested in or for all household expenses to see your overall expenses.