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How do I make a payment with my Fitbit smart watch?

Once you have added a card to your Fitbit, hold the smart watch near the contactless terminal to pay. You do not need to tap or navigate to a different screen on the Fitbit to make a payment. The Fitbit vibrates slightly and the payment is made. If prompted, you must enter your Fitbit  4-digit PIN code (this may happen the first time you make a payment after putting on  your smart watch).

If the purchase amount exceeds $100 you will need to enter the PIN code for your physical card (not the Fitbit smart watch PIN) on the contactless terminal.

If the payment terminal doesn’t recognize Fitbit Pay, ensure the watch face is near the reader and that the cashier knows you’re making a contactless payment.

Note: For added security, Fitbit Pay will only be activated when the smart watch is on your wrist.  

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