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Fileshare - Frequently Asked Questions


If you have an internet banking account, you can access the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) using the steps below:

• Login to Internet Banking

• Go to Services

• Under Account Services select ‘Share Files’

If you do not have an internet banking account, you will receive an email with a link to register in the system once a file is shared with you by a banker.

Steps to access the shared file/folder are also provided in the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) invitation email sent by your banker.

No training is required. The system is easy-to-use. To help ensure you are familiar with the file sharing system, your contact at Westpac can assist you if needed.

Data protection is a key focus area in Westpac. By using this system, you help us in protecting your data and keep it secured. You should use the service:

• To receive documents that may include personal information sent to you by Westpac.

• To send documents securely that may include personal information to Westpac.

There is no cost to use the service.

Files will be deleted after 7 days. If you need to keep a file, we recommend you download and save it within this time.

All files are stored securely in the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) internally for up to 30 days and then deleted permanently

Your banker will receive a notification of the uploaded files to access and download them from the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) within 7 days.

No. However, files will be expired and deleted automatically after 7 days.

Yes, the banker can send you an email to register in the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) to access the system and share files with Westpac.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security for your account implemented to ensure you're the only person who can access your data.

The File Sharing Service (Fileshare) is provided in accordance with data protection and privacy regulations in Australia and other countries where we operate.


The File Sharing Service (Fileshare) is compatible with all supported web browsers available for Westpac internet banking service.

Yes, the service is delivered through the web browsers available on mobiles and tablets. It is also delivered through the Mobile Banking App.

No, the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) will encrypt files once uploaded to the system.

Yes, the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) supports sending and receiving large files.

The File Sharing Service (Fileshare) supports most file types including Microsoft Office files, images, and PDF files. Encrypted or executable files cannot be uploaded to the system.

Typically, a specific storage limit of 1GB is provided. The system will notify users if the storage quota is exceeded.

No, you can upload as many files as you need as long as the storage limit quota is not exceeded.

Features and functionality

You will receive an email informing that files shared with you via internet banking. Steps to access the shared file/folder are also provided in the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) email sent by your banker.

You will need to login to internet banking, then go to Services => Shared Files to access the files sent to you

You can upload multiple files by dragging and dropping the files into your personal workspace or by clicking the ‘Upload’ button on the right-hand side of the system homepage and selecting the files you would like to be loaded and shared.

Files shared with you will be deleted by the system automatically after 7 days as per the data retention policy.

Once a file is uploaded successfully to a shared folder, it appear in your workspace and the banker would be able to view it. The File Sharing Service (Fileshare) shows a popup window displaying the upload progress.

To download a file uploaded to the system, right click on the file, then select Download option from the popup menu.

Yes. The File Sharing Service (Fileshare) sends a notification to the recipient. The email registered in Westpac will be used for communication with you.

No, do not encrypt and password protect any files when sharing via the File Sharing Service (Fileshare). The service provides an encryption capability to securely share files. However, it is good practice to ensure all files containing sensitive or confidential data are stored securely on personal computers when downloading it from the system.

You should be able to use the File Sharing Service (Fileshare) to exchange files with Westpac. However, if you are unable to use the system, all files/folders containing sensitive or confidential data should be encrypted and password protected when being emailed to Westpac and vice versa.

Please speak to your contact at Westpac who initiated the file sharing with you if you have any questions.

Please speak to your contact at Westpac if you have any questions.