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What is a 3-year block of direct debit?

In addition to sending the direct debit cancellation request to the company on your behalf, you can also ask us to block a company from debiting your nominated bank account altogether for a period of 3 years. Please proceed with caution if you have multiple arrangements with this company, for example, if you have your phone and internet services with the same company the block will prevent both phone and Internet payments from being processed. During this period, you will only be able to reinstate or start a new direct debit agreement with that company on the nominated account, by contacting us over the phone or visiting us in branch to lift the block. If you still owe the company an outstanding balance you will need to make alternative payment arrangements with them.

Please note that the temporary direct debit block does not cancel the direct debit arrangement you set up with the company, in the event that the company does not action your cancellation request, the direct debit arrangement will remain in place and the payments may recommence with funds start being deducted from your account again after the 3-year period.