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How does Westpac calculate my estimated carbon footprint? 

Your estimated carbon footprint is calculated using the Carbon Footprint Tracker in the Westpac App. The tracker analyses eligible transactions from permitted Westpac accounts and allocates a specific industry type to these transactions (for example, fashion, groceries, and insurance).

Each eligible transaction is then multiplied by an 'emissions factor' (how much carbon dioxide that type of activity emits per dollar amount spent) to work out the estimated carbon footprint of that transaction. For example, every time you use a card linked to an eligible Westpac account at a petrol station, you’ll see the estimated carbon footprint associated with that purchase. These individual transactions are then combined into a monthly view of an individual's estimated carbon footprint.

While we do our best to link eligible transactions to the correct categories, sometimes we get it wrong. You may have gone to the petrol station but purchased lunch. You know your spending best, so we encourage you to review your transactions regularly, as re-categorising them may help to better allocate your transactions to an appropriate category.


To help you understand how the Carbon Footprint Tracker feature works, our partner Cogo has provided answers to your most frequently asked questions.