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Can I access my account while overseas?


There is no cash withdrawal fee at overseas ATMs that are part of our Global Alliance ATM network. Use the Global locator in Westpac's Mobile Banking app for quick and handy access while overseas.

Things to keep in mind:

  • A Westpac Debit Mastercard® lets you access your own money to make purchases, wherever Mastercard® is accepted. You can also use your Debit Mastercard® or Handycard to withdraw local currency from selected ATMs.
  • Non Global Alliance ATMs will usually charge a fee.
  • Access your transaction and savings accounts to withdraw foreign currency at any overseas ATM that displays the Cirrus logo, although a foreign-currency transaction fee will apply, incorporated into your total transaction amount in Australian dollars
  • The international daily limit for electronic cash withdrawals is A$1000 which applies to both your Handycard and Westpac Debit Mastercard®. This limit applies to ATM and EFTPOS cash withdrawals, during a 24 hour period (starting midnight). This limit can be adjusted to a maximum of $2,000 via Online Banking or Mobile Banking or by visiting a Westpac branch or calling Telephone Banking on 132 032 8am – 8pm Sydney Time.

Travelling to Europe or the United Kingdom (UK)

  • Use your Mastercard® or Visa Credit Card to access a credit account
  • Use your Handycard or Debit Mastercard® if you'd like to access a savings or transaction account (as Visa and Mastercard credit cards linked to these accounts won't work)
  • Link your account to the 'Savings' option and consider carrying a second Handycard, as ATMs in Europe and the UK don't recognise accounts linked to 'Cheque'.

If travelling outside Europe...

  • Use your Handycard, or linked Debit Mastercard® to access a savings or transaction account
  • Use your Mastercard® or Visa Credit Card to access a credit account
  • During your travels, remember that: 
    • 'Savings' in Australia means 'Debit' on most foreign ATMs
    • Different countries have different ATM systems, so it's important to memorise your 4-digit PIN before you leave home.


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