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What happens if my PartPay Autopay is dishonoured?

Your Autopay may be dishonoured due to insufficient funds or another reason (such as invalid account details).

If your Autopay is dishonoured, then the missed PartPay payment amount will be moved to your credit card purchase balance where standard interest rates and fees may apply.

If your nominated account for PartPay Autopay is no longer active or otherwise invalid, we may suspend the use of your PartPay Card. You will then need to review your Autopay settings via the Westpac App. You won’t be able to spend on the PartPay Card until you nominate a valid Autopay account.
If you are trying to pay your scheduled PartPay payments while Autopay is inactive, then you'll have to use BPAY® or a direct transfer.

If you miss a PartPay payment, for example due to insufficient funds in your nominated PartPay Autopay account, you may be charged a dishonour fee on your PartPay Autopay account. If your nominated Autopay account is a Westpac account please refer to Minimise and Avoid Bank Accounts Fees | Westpac and Overdraw Preference Feature - Bank Accounts | Westpac available. For non-Westpac accounts, please contact your financial institution.


Important information

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