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What are my ‘Main Account Balance' and 'Monthly Payment Balance’ and how are they different to my ‘Closing Balance’ in SmartPlan?

Main Account Balance – With SmartPlan, your account will be made up of two balance categories – Main Account Balance and SmartPlan Remaining Balance. Both of these together form your ‘Closing Balance’ and are included but not limited to your single credit limit.

Your Main Account Balance is your Card Account Balance that is not part of a SmartPlan Remaining Balance. This takes into account any new purchases, cash advances, interest charges and fees.

Your SmartPlan Remaining Balance means the amount outstanding on a SmartPlan.


Monthly Payment Balance – The Monthly Payment Balance is the sum of all SmartPlan Repayments for that month plus the Main Account Balance. This amount is less than the closing balance as it doesn’t include the SmartPlan Remaining Balance, which you will pay off over the SmartPlan Term.

When you have a SmartPlan on your account you need to pay the Monthly Payment Balance by the due date each month to maintain interest free days on new purchases, if applicable.

SmartPlan is available now on eligible Westpac personal credit cards.