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How secure is a Garmin Pay transaction?

Your transactions and card information are secure. Garmin Pay does not store your payment information or your card details on the Garmin smart watch or share these details with merchants.  When a contactless payment is made at the terminal with Garmin Pay, the merchants will only see the Device Account Number. When you set up Garmin Pay, you are required to set up a Garmin 4-digit PIN as an authentication method to authorise payments using Garmin Pay. Ensure you choose a PIN which is secure and not easy for someone else to guess.

You can keep track of any purchases made with your Westpac Visa card. As soon as you complete a transaction with your Westpac Visa card, you’ll see a payment confirmation in your Garmin Wallet (in the Garmin Connect Mobile app) that shows exactly where the transaction occurred, along with the merchant's name and the transaction amount. The ten most recent transactions made with your Westpac Visa card in Garmin Pay are displayed. You can detect any suspicious activity using this information and report it to Westpac.

In the unfortunate event you lose your Garmin smart watch, you can remove or suspend the card(s) added to the smart watch using the Garmin Pay section of the Garmin Connect Mobile app. No-one else can use your smart watch to make a payment without first entering your Garmin 4-digit PIN code.

Subject to your terms and conditions, you are covered by our Fraud Money Back Guarantee for any unauthorised purchases you make with your Westpac card on Garmin Pay.

To make a payment of over $100 with your Westpac card on Garmin Pay, you must enter your physical card PIN at the contactless terminal.  For security reasons, if the contactless terminal does not prompt you for your card PIN, the transaction will not be accepted.

This does not change current payments or transaction limits on your physical card.