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What happens if I don’t have enough funds in my Autopay account on the payment Due Date?


Autopay requires cleared funds in your nominated account on your payment Due Date. However, it may take 3-4 business days for your payment to appear as a debit on your transaction account. 

In some instances Autopay payments may have a 4 day clearing applied, which will reduce your available credit balance by the Autopay amount for 4 days. When this happens you will be notified by SMS. No additional action is required on your part and your available credit balance will automatically increase after 4 days.

If you don’t have enough funds in your nominated account, your payment will be reversed, and you may need to make a separate payment (e.g. by Online Banking, the Westpac App or BPAY®).^ If this happens for 2 consecutive months, your Autopay setup will be cancelled.

^Allow sufficient time for your BPAY® payment to be processed.