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At a glance

$9 Monthly card fee ($108 per annum) 
9.90% p.a.   Variable purchase rate
$1,000 Minimum credit limit 
$20,000 Maximum credit limit
$30,000 p.a. Minimum income required
0% Foreign transaction fee
New cards only. See below for standard rates and fees.


Why choose the Westpac Lite card?

Our lowest card purchase rate

Having our lowest credit card interest rate on purchases helps you save on interest charges in those months you don’t repay the full amount. 

No fees on foreign transactions

Even if you’re not travelling, this can save you when you’re shopping online with a foreign merchant.

Cashback and discounts

With a Westpac credit card, you'll get personalised cashback offers from Westpac Extras, Westpac bonus Cashback when you shop via the Westpac Lounge on ShopBack, plus other discounts and offers from a wide range of shops, in-store and online.​

Other reasons to choose

To give you more opportunity to avoid interest charges on your purchases2. Note cash advances aren’t covered by this interest-free period.

Master your money within the Westpac App

Take control of your money within the Westpac App

Powerful money management tools in the palm of your hand.

Get spend and cash flow insights

Track your month-to-month Cash flow and spot areas where you could be making savings with your spend sorted in Categories

Manage your cards in one place

Order a new card, change your pin or temporarily lock your card if you misplace it, all in the app’s convenient Cards Hub.

View and transfer funds fast

Quick Balance lets you view the balance of three main accounts and quickly transfer money without signing in.


Standard rates and fees

New cards only


Follow these tips to minimise credit card fees and charges.

Variable interest rate on purchases 9.90% p.a.
Cash advance fee Cash advances not available
Monthly card fee $9
Foreign transaction fee 0%
Missed payment fee $0
Credit card surcharge In some instances, businesses may administer a ‘surcharge’ for credit card payments. Usually, these are a percentage fee of your purchase amount. Ask the merchant if a surcharge applies and how much it is before paying if you’re unsure.

Alternative credit cards

Westpac Low Rate card

One of our lowest interest rates on purchases, up to 55 days interest-free and a $59 annual card fee.

Find out more about Westpac Low Rate card

Frequently asked questions

You can add 1 additional cardholder (16 years or older) at no extra cost. The primary cardholder is liable for all transactions made with either card.

Things you should know
Credit criteria, fees and charges apply. Credit Card Product Switches, upgrades or Westpac group staff are ineligible.This promotion may be varied or withdrawn at any time and is not available in conjunction with any other promotion.

Be credit savvy: Before applying, consider a realistic credit limit and check all conditions, interest rates, fees and charges on your selected card.

Balance transfers into the Westpac Lite Card are not available.

1 SmartPlan: SmartPlan is currently available for eligible Westpac consumer credit cards. Fees may apply. You need to register for Online Banking before you can set up a SmartPlan. Read the Online Banking terms and conditions (PDF 417KB) available at The establishment fee is charged upfront but is payable in monthly instalments over the term of your Large Purchase SmartPlan. This means that if you cancel your SmartPlan (or don’t make the required SmartPlan repayments) you must still pay the whole establishment fee, including any interest on the establishment fee. Note: To ensure that your credit card balance does not exceed the credit limit, please consider the amount of the establishment fee indicated when you set up a plan. SmartPlan requires cardholders to make regular monthly payments for the full term and at the interest rate that applies when the SmartPlan is created. All payments made to your credit card account will be applied first to any SmartPlan instalments. Therefore, debts accruing a higher interest rate may be left unpaid during the SmartPlan term. Any balance transfer amounts on a SmartPlan must have a remaining term of between 3 and 36 months to be eligible for a SmartPlan. See Credit Card Terms and Conditions (PDF 273KB) for more details. SmartPlan cancellation takes up to 2 business days. When a SmartPlan ends, any remaining balance will revert to the variable annual interest rate for your balance type or special offer rate as applicable. Cardholders keep interest-free days (if applicable) after a balance transfer when you pay your monthly payment (being your SmartPlan repayments plus the minimum monthly repayment on your credit card account) SmartPlan repayment.

2. Interest free period is available when you pay the Closing Balance (or the Monthly Payment Balance if you have a Balance Transfer, a SmartPlan or a PartPay Card) in full by the payment due date.

Read the Apple Pay Terms and Conditions (PDF 42KB) before making a decision and consider if it is right for you. To use Apple Pay you will need an eligible card and a compatible device with a supported operating system. See our Apple Pay FAQs for more information. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, Apple Watch and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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