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SmartPlan is an online banking tool that helps you take control of your credit card debt.

You can use it to plan and manage repayments for any balance of more than $200 or large purchase of more than $500 on your credit card. With SmartPlan, you can:

  • Create a repayment plan for your whole credit card balance
  • Set a repayment schedule to make the most of 0% balance transfer offers 1
  • Track your progress at any time in Online Banking or the Westpac Mobile Banking app
  • Break the cost of large purchases into manageable instalments and pay them as part of your regular monthly statement repayment
  • Keep your interest-free days after a balance transfer when you pay your closing statement balance (excluding the SmartPlan balance) and minimum monthly SmartPlan repayment.


SmartPlan is available on all personal credit cards. Sign into Westpac Live Online Banking or the Westpac Mobile Banking app to start using it right now.

What are the benefits of a SmartPlan?

Keep interest-free days
Interest-free days don't apply to cards with balance transfers - unless you use SmartPlan to manage balance transfer repayments.

Start and stop when you need
You can create or cancel a SmartPlan on any credit card balance whenever you need through Westpac Live Online Banking and the Westpac Mobile Banking app.2


Manage up to 8 SmartPlans.
You can use SmartPlan to track and manage as many as 8 separate credit card balances or large purchases at once.

Frequently asked questions

You will have to pay a minimum SmartPlan repayment for each SmartPlan you have on your card each month in addition to the minimum monthly repayment on your main account balance.

Note that there are no fees for missing a SmartPlan repayment, but the late payment fee on your card (and any interest applicable to your SmartPlan balance) still applies. If you want to avoid this, you’ll still need to pay at least the minimum payment due on your statement by the due date each month. Missing your minimum monthly payment will automatically cancel any SmartPlans you have on your account.

The Monthly Payment Balance is the sum of all SmartPlan repayments due in that month’s statement plus the main balance due on the statement.

The Monthly Payment Balance is less than the closing balance as it doesn’t include the SmartPlan Remaining Balance, which you will pay off over the term of your SmartPlan.

When you have a SmartPlan on your account, you need to pay the Monthly Payment Balance and SmartPlan repayment by the due date each month to maintain interest free days on new purchases, if applicable.

You can make additional repayments but they will be applied to your Main Account Balance before your SmartPlan balance(s). Once your Main Account Balance is paid off, any additional repayments will be applied to your SmartPlan.

At the end of the SmartPlan term, any remaining SmartPlan balance will be transferred to your Main Account Balance and accrue interest in accordance with the Combined Conditions of Use and Credit Guide.

Only primary cardholders can create or cancel a SmartPlan in Westpac Live Online Banking or using the Westpac Mobile Banking app. Additional cardholders may view the details of a SmartPlan at any time.

Things you should know

Westpac SmartPlan Terms and Conditions (PDF 8MB)

Consumer Credit Cards - Conditions of Use (PDF 345KB)

SmartPlans are currently available for all Westpac consumer credit cards.

1. SmartPlan Disclaimer: SmartPlan requires regular monthly payments to be made for the term calculated and at the applicable interest rate when the SmartPlan is entered into. All payments made to your account will be applied first to any SmartPlan instalments. Therefore debts accruing a higher interest rate may be left unpaid during the SmartPlan term. Your balance transfer must have a maximum of 36 months and a remaining term of at least 3 months to be eligible for a SmartPlan. See Westpac SmartPlan Terms and Conditions for more details. SmartPlan cancellation takes up to 2 Business Days. Any SmartPlan Remaining Balance will revert to the variable annual interest rate for your balance type or special offer rate as applicable.

2. You need to register for Online Banking before you can set up a SmartPlan. Read the Online Banking terms and conditions here: Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 296KB)