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Schools Program App

Offers children an opportunity to play and learn through a play-based learning game – “Rescue Rangers”.

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Digital Lessons

In the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service Schools Program’s much loved digital lessons, manage your budget to buy rescue tools. The ACARA adapted levels are tailored for Foundation to Year 7.

Fundraising Task

Money, Money and Purchases

Maths, Money and Coins

School Programs

You will find all Schools Program resources, created specifically for primary schools here.

Shapes of the Month - Mathematics (Calendar)

Download (PDF 36KB)

Shapes of the Month - Mathematics

Download (PDF 127KB)

Rescue Time - Humanities & Social Sciences

Download (PDF 155KB)

Maps, Maps, Maps! - Geography

Download (PDF 123KB)

Environmental Characteristics - Design & Technology

Download (PDF 191KB)

What will happen if...? - Science

Download (PDF 105KB)

Different Environments - Science

Download (PDF 131KB)

Comprehension test - English

Download (PDF 253KB)

Telling the Time - Mathematics

Download (PDF 136KB)

Maths, Coins & Money - Mathematics

Download (PDF 1MB)

Act Out a Rescue Mission - Health & Physical Education

Download (PDF 103KB)

Keeping Safe - Heath & Physical Education

Download (PDF 99KB)

Mission Manoevers - Mathematics

Download (PDF 141KB)

Australia on the Map - Geography

Download (PDF 306KB)

Landing Zone - Geography

Download (PDF 96KB)

It's Alive - Science

Download (PDF 95KB)

A Helmet Fit for a Hero - Design and Technology

Download (PDF 126KB)

Communication Methods - English

Download (PDF 306KB)

Comprehension Test - English

Download (PDF 306KB)

The Radio Alphabet - English

Download (PDF 108KB)

Safety = Prepared - English

Download (PDF 84KB)

Maps Galore! - Mathematics

Download (PDF 426KB)

Maths, Money and Purchases - Mathematics

Download (PDF 1MB)

Safety First - Health & Physical Education

Download (PDF 98KB)

On a Rescue Mission - Heath & Physical Education

Download (PDF 96KB)

The Wonders of Light - Science

Download (PDF 115KB)

Natural Disasters & Their Impact - Geography

Download (PDF 85KB)

Design Your Own Helicopter - Design and Technology

Download (PDF 74KB)

Fundraising Task - Mathematics

Download (PDF 94KB)

Helicopter Measurements - Mathematics

Download (PDF 73KB)

Flying Time - Mathematics

Download (PDF 68KB)

Narrative of a Rescue Mission - English

Download (PDF 63KB)

Comprehension Test - English

Download (PDF 122KB)

Story Time - English

Download (PDF 70KB)

Developing Character Roles - Health & Physical Education

Download (PDF 88KB)

The Crew

Meet the Crew - The Pilot, Air Crew Officer and Rescue Crew Officer. Oh, and of course the helicopters!

6 min 25 secs

The Base

Take a tour of the Base and learn what the Crew do when they aren't out on a mission.

3 min 58 secs

The Mission

Learn about the procedures involved in making sure each rescue is the most successful it can be.

5 min 09 secs

The Service

Uncover interesting facts about the Service and get to see more of the great missions that the Crew carry out.

5 min 59 secs


A Day in the Life of... (Part 1)

Join Kiki and Rescue Crew Officer, Legge as they take us around the Base to discover more about the Service and its great people.

4 min 43 secs

A Day in the Life of... (Part 2)

Kiki learns about the equipment the Rescue Crew require on an average day and on special rescues, plus she looks around an actual helicopter.

4 min 20 secs

Preparation = Safety

Preparation and communication are essential to a successful rescue. Learn more about what this means to the WLRHS.

5 min 30 secs

Getting There Fast

All the action and drama that a real life rescue involves. Our Crew friends carry out two incredible rescues at sea and on land.

4 min 44 secs

Join the Crew

Today it’s your turn to be part of the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Crew! Learn as the team takes you through the rescue process step by step. Look out for class question time!

4 min 50 secs

My Rescue Story

Behind every rescue is a special story. Go behind the scenes with the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service and hear three incredible rescue stories from brave survivors.

6 secs 58 min

Rescues Around Australia

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service is trained to work in all sorts of environments, including the bush, sea and even the snow! Discover how the crews tackle the diverse Australian terrains during rescue situations.

5 min 07 secs


About the Schools Program

The program was created by Westpac, in conjunction with the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Bases, Surf Life Saving Australia and an independent education agency.

No it is not compulsory. However, it is recommended that you take part in order to educate your students, teachers and parents about the Service and its role in the community. Not only is the program made up of 50 ACARA curriculum aligned lesson plans and resources, it also delves into the significance of students supporting their community through volunteering, fundraising and looking out for one another.

The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Schools Program has been created with flexibility for teachers and students in mind. It is recommended that you complete the whole program to achieve the intended education outcomes but the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Schools Program has also been created with flexibility in mind for teachers and students. Download from 50 ACARA curriculum aligned lesson plans and from there its about implementing the program into your school as you see fit. From a few lessons in junior years, through to whole school, themed learning weeks!

The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Schools Program has been created in accordance with the ACARA Australia Curriculum Standards. To ensure the program is age appropriate, curriculum aligned and that all materials are suitable for primary aged children, education materials specialists have also reviewed the content. As such, all lesson plans are deemed suitable for use in the classroom.

Westpac has been the Naming Rights Sponsor of the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service since 1973 in Sydney. Our support has allowed the Service to grow from just one helicopter to a national fleet of 17 helicopters flying from 13 bases and 2 boats, one in VIC and NT. It is one of Australia's longest and most valued community partnerships.

How to implement the program

Not much at all, just follow the teacher's guidance as they would any other lesson.

The program does not expire, but it is recommended that you complete it as soon as possible to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information. If the program is completed within the fourth term (as intended) you could be chosen to receive a potential visit from the helicopter and crew of your local Base.

We have done our best to supply each school with a range of resources that match the number of children at your school. Unfortunately, at this stage all resources have been exhausted. However, an online portal featuring all materials for free download is accessible to all schools. If you require a login, please email

Yes we would be happy for you to do so. You can access the proposed newsletter content on the Lesson Plans & Resources tab of the website. If you would like further information about the program please contact them on the email above or feel free to email

You will find copies of the video episodes and all other resources on the online portal. If you require a login to this free portal, please email and we will provide you with the relevant details needed to access this site.